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We at Cairns Boat Safe Training have been teaching Boat Safe Courses for a period of 10 years.  We have taught as far south as the Gold Coast and as far north as the Torres Strait and our dealings are directly through Maritime Safety Queensland (MSQ).  We don’t deal with yachting agencies and we don’t try and sell you a boat.  Our aim is to teach people to drive tinnies and ski boats safely.

Cairns Boat Safe Training is the longest continuing operator in Cairns and the currently the only operator with physical shopfront situated at Smithfield.

Our main trainer has been driving boats since he was 12 years old and became a Coxswain in 1989.  He has had a lot of experience driving boats across the Tweed Bar, Fitzroy Island, Green Island and Torres Strait.

Boat Safe Course

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MSQ has a course minimum of 6 hours.  Part of that 6 hours consists of completing required course notes supplied by MSQ and a minimum time of 40 minutes on the water.  Cairns Boat Safe Training recognises that everybody learns at a different rate and in a different way, so we have developed a pre-course study pack, which we highly recommend you attempt to complete prior to attending the course.  By doing this it will increase your chances of passing the 50 question theory assessment and can be downloaded from the drop down box under boat courses.

The practical component of the course is competency based, so if you are having trouble with one of the assessments, we are only too willing to spend more time with you so can successfully complete that component before moving on.  If not you can come back at the next course to complete that component at no cost.

Jet Ski Course

Jet Ski courses can be completed the same day, but only if the pre-course study is completed, which  can be downloaded from drop down box under jet ski courses.

These courses will need to be booked in advance.

Student Information Handbook

Read about our courses and policies in our Student Information Handbook.

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