I have driving boats for years without a licence and found the course to be straight forward and very practical. ~ Jeramy 38

I found the course very easy to understand, the training aids made sense and brought the book into a practical scenario ~ Shane 28

I found the trainer to be very clear and concise and enjoyed the course very much ~ Julie 27

I had difficulty in understanding some of the practical aspects of the course but the trainers found different ways for me to complete the skills ~ Kevin 23

I had difficult in completing the practical and the trainer suggest coming back the following week to have another go and I’m glad I did and it didn’t cost me anything and found I was a lot more confident the second time ~ Wendy 48

Dad has been trying to teach me how to tie knots for years. The boys at Cairns Boat Safe Training showed me easier ways to do it, thanks guys. ~ David 21

I have been going to the reef for years . I used to just go to Green Island and turn left and then count the reefs to get where I was going . The boys at Cairns boat safe training showed me an easier way to navigate and save fuel ~ Greg 28

Learnt lots and had fun  ~ Larry 32

We spent almost 2hrs on the water a friend did his and only spent 20min ~ Wayne 34

Learnt about Navigation, knots, fuel consumption, and saw a flare go off Cool more than I expected ~ Alex 20